Kuching is getting ready around TAFI’s convention, a new destination to travel to Malaysia – said Anil Punjabi

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Published on: Sep18, 2022 @00:45

Reporter: Aniruddha Pal

SPT News, Kolkata, 17 September: The convention of Travel Agents Federation of India or TAFI is going to be held in Malaysia for the third time. A mahayajna of tourism is going to start from coming Tuesday 20th September. Where many travel agents from India and Malaysia, tourism managers, experts and many others are going to gather. The venue of the convention has also been fixed in Kuching. Undoubtedly a new destination in the world of tourism. It is through this convention that it will be introduced to Indian travelers. TAFI chairman Anil Punjabi said the same in a special interview given to Sangbad Prabhakar Times. At the same time, he shed light on the purpose and significance of this convention.

TAFI’s convention in Malaysia starts from 20 September

TAFI’s convention in Malaysia starts from 20 September. 500 travel agents are participating there. The convention is being held in Kuching, Malaysia. The Malaysian government is very cooperative. Good package given. They gave everyone a chance to come here and see. Actually the main goal is only one – to highlight the tourism industry there. Deliver more business. After looking at many places, Taffy decided that their convention would be in Malaysia this year. At first there were about 450 to 500 people. Then it became five hundred. We were forced to stop. doing very well We are going. Said Anil Punjabi.

Slogan at the convention – Build Back Better

TAFI’s chairman Anil Punjabi said – “There will be a meeting there. session will be Will talk to everyone. We will talk about future plans. How to overcome the damage caused by two years of corona. Our tag line has been kept this time – Build back better. How do we turn around again? Showcase the business better. What can be done new? What else do we have to do in the future? What is our business position? There will be a detailed discussion about this.”

We will also talk about e-visa

“There is actually a bottom line on how to improve the tourism business. There will be travel agents. We are noticing that post Corona people are going out again. They feel that they have to go to travel. They have to go out. People have now decided that they are going to travel. They want to get out of the house confinement that they have had to do for the last two years. And so they are traveling a lot. This is a very good indication. Looking at these aspects, we will also talk about e-visa. Because now many people from India are going to visit Malaysia. So e-Visa is very important. We will go there and discuss this issue as well, so that a positive solution can be found. We will aim in that direction as well.” Punjabi said.

The FAM tour is within the convention

Anil Punjabi said – Our convention is being inaugurated on the evening of September 20. Everyone will arrive from all over the country in the afternoon. The business session will continue on September 21, 22, 23. After that, a FAM tour was organized by the Malaysian government in small cities. You can go for three days. No charge, no cost. You can explore places. Check out these places. See with your own eyes what kind of communication system there is. Then go and sell it. This is what the Malaysian government has done.

TAFI convention has been held in Malaysia twice before

They always come up with a research to highlight a new place. They want to present something new to people. People want to see something new. People understand Kualalumpur as Malaysia. Now if I say the name of Kuching then people will wonder where is Kuching again. what a place This is the important aspect. Many people will think that they have not been to this place, so let’s visit here. Taffy’s convention has been held in Malaysia twice before. The first was held in Kuala Lumpur in 1999. The second time in 2007 in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Said the chairman of TAFI.

Published on: Sep18, 2022 @00:45

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