Rajasthan surprised by tourism: 4 crores in 10 months, how is it possible, says Hinglaj Dan Ratnu of RTDC

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Published on: Nov 15, 2022 @ 21:35
Reporter: Aniruddha Pal

SPT News, Kolkata, 15 November: Bengali tourists’ love for Rajasthan is increasing day by day. The interest of Bengalis in Rajasthan’s culture, literature and art is increasing. And that has reflected on Rajasthan tourism. Due to this, Rajasthan has completely surprised everyone in the tourism business. Kolkata office of Rajasthan Tourism has done what no one could have imagined. In an exclusive interview to Sangbad Prabhakar Times, Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation Kolkata Officer-in-Charge and Rajasthan Government’s Assistant Director of Information and Public Relations in Kolkata Hinglaj Dan Ratnoo said that in the last 10 months, Rajasthan Tourism has generated a business of around four crore rupees from West Bengal alone.

Hinglaj Dan Ratnoo praised these officials including the Chief Minister

A large number of Bengalis travel to Rajasthan throughout the year. Post-corona, that trend continues. And because of that, Rajasthan has really surprised. From West Bengal alone, they have taken business worth several crores of rupees. Tourism Officer and Assistant Director of Information and Public Relations Department of Rajasthan Government in Kolkata Hinglaj Dan Ratnoo told Sangbad Prabhakar Times – “Today I would like to inform through you that this office of RTDC has given very good business to Rajasthan tourism in the current financial year. The amount of business money is about to touch four crores. These four crores include both accommodation and transport. 2 crores in accommodation and 2 crores in transport. The biggest role behind this has been played by our Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, Tourism Minister Maharaja Bishvender Singh, Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation Chairman Dharmendra Rathore, RTDC Managing Director VK Singh, Executive Director Dr. Ashok Yogi, Executive Director (Finance) Hulas Ray Panwar.

How was it possible, said Hinglaj

Hinglaj Dan Ratnoo told how the business of so many crores was possible from just one state. Rajasthan has always been the best in tourism. Within the country, this state has surpassed other states in tourism in many respects. There is a great work behind it, which common people do not know. Exactly why Bengali tourists like to visit this state again and again has been beautifully explained by this official of Rajasthan.

He said – “Look, we work with three ideas. Look like a family from the top till the fourth grade. For example, today in Samdhani the caretaker calls and says that Sir, your guest has reached here. He has now gone camel riding. This is how we work. Our responsibility does not end just by booking and sending tourists. We are constantly connected with tourists. We are in regular contact with them since reaching Rajasthan. Samdhani is a place from which Pakistan is very close. The last border of the country. Samdhani is a very big tourist center. National Tourism Centre. It is located in Jaisalmer district.”

“A little while ago the phone came in front of you. From Hotel Vinayak. An LIC officer went for a tour from Kolkata. But by mistake he forgot to take his ID. As a result, he did not get a certain discount from the hotel rent. But I promised him that if you come back to Kolkata with ID-card and come to this office, I will give you that discount. This is our way of working. I want to tell you that Rajasthan Tourism and Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation is moving forward based on a strong policy and a unified discipline. This is our chemistry. That’s why people love Rajasthan so much. And our business grew.” Said Hinglaj Dan Ratnoo.

Palace on Wheels is start

“I have another good news for you. Our ‘Palace on the Wheels’ has been closed for almost two and a half years. It started today. This journey is going very well. Many tourists are enjoying it. All this is for our officials. It is said that the party whose commander is strong is successful in any field. We are also working as a part of that,” added Hinglaj.

‘We aim to do better’

The Rajasthan Government office located at Commerce House on Ganesh Chandra Avenue in Kolkata has become popular not only with the people of West Bengal but also with people from other states. While saying that, Hinglaj Dan Ratnoo said – “Here today we get calls from other states as well. For enquiries, people from many states like Karnataka, Mumbai, Tripura, Hyderabad are calling to enquire about Rajasthan. Many of them also book online. They put so much faith in us. Our effort is – Athiti Devo Bhava. I stay from coming to office till nine at night. We don’t leave until the job is done, that’s our characteristic. Today, the additional responsibility given to me by the Government of Rajasthan and our honorable Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, I have been fulfilling that responsibility with great devotion. We aim to do better.”

“Our main objective is – the protection and trust of tourism”

Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation has offices in several states across the country. But none of them could give business worth so many crores of rupees. This is what Hinglaj Dan Ratnoo, the official of the Rajasthan government in charge of Kolkata, said.

He told SPT – “I have learned from Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation that no one from any other state of the country has been able to give a business of Rs. 4 crore. A few days ago there was a meeting with tourism officials of various states. There were several states including Gujarat, Sikkim, Chhattisgarh, Tripura. They also informed me that you are the best in business this time. Because, some of them could not go over one and a half crore, some one crore, some two and a half crore. There are four crore of us.”

“All bookings are done from here. I am running such a big office with four or five employees. Their active role is helping to make the work successful. They started working before I arrived. They treat this office like family. They are all working very diligently. Many tourists visit Rajasthan and thank me. It is said that Hinglaji, great tour. We are overwhelmed. Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation plays a special and responsible role in the entire country. Our main objective is to protect and trust tourism.” Hinglaj said.

Published on: Nov 15, 2022 @ 21:35

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