GPS-India network was inaugurated in Kolkata today, various aspects of the travel and tourism industry came up in the discussion

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Published on: January 20, 2023 @ 01:43
Reporter: Aniruddha Pal

SPT News, Kolkata, January 19: The grand opening of the Global Panorama Showcase or GPS-India Network began in Kolkata today with a grand ceremony. The founder of the organization himself inaugurated the event by lighting the lamp and cutting the ribbon. Inauguration ceremony was attended by one of the leaders of the organization, Managing Director Mr. Harmandeep Singh Anand, Joint Managing Director Mr. Rishiraj Singh Anand, Mrs. Madhu Saliankar, Chairman of TAFI (East India) Mr. Anil Punjabi, Chairman of TAAI (East India) Mr. Manav Soni, Chairman of ETAA ( Eastern Region) Mr. Kaushik Banerjee etc.

Time is running out to reach our destination

The founder of the inaugural organization was welcomed to Bangaliana at the Lalit Great Eastern Hotel. A short video was shown at the start of the event, featuring a video message from the company’s managing director, Harmandeep Singh Anand. Basically, there is a message of recovery, recalling the damage that the travel and tourism business suffered during the Corona period. It is said – “It’s been two years….now it’s time to rush to our destination. It’s time to rebuild our network of travel fraternity and go global again.”


Today people are hungry for travel

After that the host of the program Madhu Saliankar said – We all have met here today. Because, before this, there was no travel in the whole country for two years. Today people are hungry for travel. They want to travel. Wants to go to new places. We have come to Kolkata. Many people travel from here. We are doing this in Kolkata. Many exhibitors are coming. Will have a business to business meeting with them tomorrow. Education will be discussed here. Companies will give details about new products as well as detailed discussions about what opportunities are available for studying abroad, what to do, where opportunities are available. Connectivity will be discussed.

Travcare about South Africa

After that, a representative of Travcare gave a detailed presentation about South Africa at the meeting. Mr. Virendra Dhar, Vice President-Sales of TravCare, told Sangbad Prabhakar Times that they have informed the current situation in South Africa. Areas where Indians have predominance are also detailed. Detailed information is given on Zohannesburg, Cape Town. A nice presentation on Visit Britain is also given. Few places in Britain are discussed. At the same time, Mr. Paramjit Singh Sawa, Principal of Auxilia Network, gave a short presentation about some Eastern European countries. He presented some important information about Hungary, Croatia, Czechoslovakia on the day, which became very useful to the travel agents and tour operators present.

Next Cellular

Network was one of the topics discussed today. That is, the phone is the most important thing when tourists travel abroad. Now if that mobile phone SIM is expensive then it creates a lot of inconvenience. Considering these aspects, the Next Cellular company has brought a mobile SIM plan at a very low cost of just Rs. 99. Mr. Rishi Sainani, business head of the company’s India operations said so. Therefore, he made a beautiful proposal to all the travel agents and tour operators present today.


Apart from this, in today’s discussion, details about GST and TCS in the business of travel agents and tour operators were given. In which case how much GST will be deducted is stated. Along with this, the tax collection service is also explained in a nice way about who will pay how much.

What Mr. Harmandeep Singh Anand had to say about GPS apps

About the GPS mobile app, Managing Director Harmandeep Singh Anand said, “The app was first of its kind and created a wave in the Indian travel industry.” The app not only allowed attendees to access event information and network with peers, but also helped them book appointments with sponsors, exchange e-cards, generate leads and rate buyers, exhibitors and the overall event. This has helped in solving the overbooking problem, as around 80-85% of the participants have started using the app for pre-registration. He also said that by logging into the app and registering, one can know all the information about the travel and tourism business.

Global Panorama Showcase

Global Panorama Showcase (GPS) is a leading Indian organization that aims to shape the future of the Indian tourism industry through networking and education. Its flagship event – also called the Global Panorama Showcase – is a business meeting point for leading tourism service providers from India and abroad. The main objective of GPS is to connect suppliers from all over the world and agents and buyers in tier two and tier three Indian cities. Through its events, GPS aims to extend its reach to tourism professionals from all states and union territories of India.

Published on: January 20, 2023 @ 01:43

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