Viswa Sindhi Seva Sangam West Bengal Chapter honored SpiceJet with a memento

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Published on: May 13, 2023 @ 01:14
Reporter: Aniruddha Pal

SPT News, Kolkata, May 13: SpiceJet has been honored with a memento by the West Bengal Chapter of Viswa Sindhi Seva Sangam for standing by and cooperating. VSSS West Bengal Chapter President Anil Punjabi and Secretary Naresh Parnani handed over the memento to SpiceJet’s office on Park Street on Friday.

Those who extended their hand of cooperation

President Anil Punjabi said – Recently a function was organized on behalf of our Viswa Sindhi Seva Sangam at Park Street. Our organization works for Sindhi community. We work on art, literature, culture, education. We brought together people from our Sindhi community and recently did a game show called Tambola. Where many people participated. Organizing such events by encouraging women. After knowing this, many people come forward for sponsorship. Punjab National Bank, Mutual Fund, Spice Jet came earlier. They all cooperated.

Anil Punjabi and Naresh Parnani presented the memento

SpiceJet has informed that we will award tickets to one winner. Kolkata-Bombay-Kolkata. A man named Mr. Belany won. He is very happy. He got money, tickets, silver coins. We are thankful to SpiceJet for this. Today I went and honored them with a memento. I was accompanied by Naresh Parnani, secretary of VSSS, said Anil Punjabi.

VSSS, West Bengal Chapter at number one position

Anil Punjabi said – “We have made 200 members in two months. After making 100 members in the first month, a certificate was sent from the head office of the organization. We are the second state in India to reach 100 members in the first month. Now with 200 members, our West Bengal chapter of VSSS has reached the number one position in the country. Almost everyone here is a businessman. A Sindhi carnival is taking place. There will be a fair.”

Outdoor Meeting Ideas

The president of VSSS said that there are thoughts about bringing VSSS in the field of travel and tourism. Three said – we are thinking, what can be done. An outdoor, meeting, seminar can be held. One of our committee members has a small place in Santiniketan. There is an invitation. Such thinking is going on.

The aim is the upliftment of the Sindhi community

Anil Punjabi said – We have a plan to uplift the Sindhi community. Many young people have joined. We have matrimonial. Those who want to get married – fill up the form. Then everything will be decided after hearing. There is a separate committee for this. They see this.

Published on: May 13, 2023 @ 01:14

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