India has big plans, the Vice President of Dusit spoke of hope for Kolkata

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Published on: April 18,2023 @ 23:54

Reporter:Aniruddha Pal

SPT News, Kolkata, April 18: Dusit is today a big brand in international arena. Currently they are managing 50 hotels and resorts across the globe. Dusit Hotels and Resorts held their first Showcase 2023 in India after the Covid pandemic in Kolkata. And then their vice president informed that they have big plans in India this time. At the same time, he also spoke about Kolkata.

Dusit Hotels & Resorts India Showcase 2023 was held yesterday at Oberoi Grand Hotel Ballroom in Kolkata. There, their vice president Mr. Nichlas John Maratos said, several more hotels are going to come in the next few months. He also announced that their first showcase event in India was in Kolkata. After that, their next showcase will be in Delhi and Mumbai.

Vice President Mr. Maratos said – Bangkok is a weekend destination from Kolkata. Hospitality in Thailand deserves praise. Thai food is very popular. Thailand is a well-known name among Indian travelers.

The Dusit brand has 352 properties. Among them, there are 50 in the hotel category. Mr. Maratos said that our hotel is very high quality. More new hotels are slated to open in the next few months. Their new hotels are coming up in 20 different locations. Within the next 10 days our hotel is going to start in Europe as well.

There is also going to be a hotel in Nairobi. Our new hotel is about to start in Nepal. Then it will be in Japan. We also have a large presence in Thailand, Philippines, China and the rest of Asia. Coming to Europe and Africa in the coming days. Two new hotels are set to open in Bangkok within the next 45 days. There is going to be a hotel in Japan in June. Another hotel is coming to Bangkok in July 2024. I am going to build a hotel in Kolkata at the end of this year or next year. We have big plans for India too.

ASAI Sathom is set to launch their new hotel in 2023. Their new hotel in Dusit Thani Bangkok is expected to come in 2024.

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Mr. Rakesh Bhandari, Director of Global Sales of Dusit Hotels and Resorts, conducted the program of the day. He presented the information of some hotels and resorts through video clippings.

Published on: April 18,2023 @ 23:54

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